Trans Students' Network Chair

Trans Students' Officer - Spencer Blackwell 

I am the Trans Students' Officer here at Bristol SU and I work with the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer to represent the interests of trans and non-binary students to both the University and Union. 

The Trans Network is open to all trans and non-binary students at the University of Bristol, and runs both campaigns to improve the experience of trans and non-binary students and also hosts social events such as coffee mornings.

Contact Spencer to learn more about the network or to join the facebook page.

While trans issues are slowly gaining some attention in the media, the experiences and needs of trans and non-binary individuals are often overlooked. I am fully committed to engaging with the wide variety of experiences that come with being a trans student at university, and helping to improve life at UoB for trans students. 

Here is my manifesto:

  1. To improve the experience of trans and non-binary students at the university. In particular, I’d like to work with the University to make sure their online systems are inclusive of trans students, as well as making sure that learning environments are comfortable for trans students.
  2. To support trans students at UoB by hosting regular social events, as well as practical events such as Clothing Swaps.
  3. To improve the accessibility of sports for trans students. As well as establishing trans-only swimming sessions at the Students’ Union Pool, I’d like to make sure that aspects of sport such as gendered changing rooms and bathrooms are not a barrier that prevent trans students getting involved.
  4. Further establishing a sense of community for trans and non-binary students at Bristol, both within the university and in the local area. UoB’s Trans Network is collaborating with UWE for events in Trans Awareness Week, and I’d like to continue this relationship throughout the year.


Helpful Resources:

Gender Neutral Bathrooms: If you are looking for Gender Neutral Bathrooms, you can check out this link to see an interactive map of Gender Neutral Bathrooms located across Bristol.

This map was developed by Jamie Cross, former President of Bristol University LGBT+ Society.