Women's Officer

Darcy Ramsden - Bristol SU Women's OfficerWomen's Officer - Darcy Ramsden

I am the Women's Officer here at Bristol SU and I work with the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer to represent the interests of women to both the University and Union. 

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Here is my manifesto:

I will tackle harassment on social media, provide better support for students with mental health issues, and invite more women who are successful and inspiring to speak and debate at the University.

I am an undergraduate Philosophy student in my second year. I stand for equality regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race or background. We do not yet live in an age of gender equality and the role of Women's Officer is extremely important in advocating social change in our University.

The three points I want to focus on are: Social Media, Women Speakers and Mental Health.

  • Social Media:

Anonymity online provides a dangerous opportunity for harassment and cyberbullying. Websites and apps such as YikYak and Waggle It have been misused in the past to target students and lecturers in an unacceptable and inappropriate way. I advocate monitoring the use of these apps in order to end victimisation of individuals and sexual harassment. Lad culture has endorsed sexist behaviour such as slut shaming for too long and anonymous posting on these apps only encourages it. Monitoring usage is necessary to stop men and women misusing this anonymity for cyberbullying purposes.

  • Women Speaking and Debating:

I want to continue to invite inspirational, successful and academic women to speak and debate at the University. By providing a safe platform for female speakers we can particularly encourage transgender women and women from ethnic minorities to use their freedom of speech to educate, encourage and inspire us all where they may not have had the opportunity to in the past.

  • Mental Health:

1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health problem in the UK every year. Countless students fight their personal battles alone when they could be receiving life changing support from friends, family and professionals. I will continue to endorse safe spaces and events such as Mindfulness Colouring, free yoga in the Union and movie nights. By making students feel safe and respected, I hope that more will seek support, and I aim to make confidential help more easily accessible and available.

In addition to my three main areas of focus I will endeavour to provide more accessible career advice, from women, for women, whether they are beginning their careers or returning to them, so that we feel street-wise and confident as we work towards success! I will run events to support women's charities such as The Homeless Period, and continue to support projects such as Bristol Speak Out, Reclaim The Night and consent classes. I will also hold regular forums for the student body.