Union Chairs

We have six Union Chairs who are the key representatives for our Executives for Societies, Sports, RAG, Volunteering, Sustainability and Student Council. Find out more about each one. These are students who volunteer their time to represent these groups.

I chair Bristol SU's democratic meetings which include Student Council and our Annual Members' Meeting. I work with the Union Affairs Officer to ensure that Union democracy works in a fair and transparent way. See More

I chair Bristol SU's Societies Exec who are responsbile for approving new society afflitiations, allocating society grants and working with the Union Affairs Officers and other reps to set priorities for the year. See more

I chair Bristol SU's Sports Exec who are responsbile for setting priorities for the year and working on improving sport for at Bristol. We also lead on Varsity and creating a community of sport at Bristol. See more

I chair Bristol SU's RAG (Raising and Giving) Exec who are the fundraising arm of Bristol SU. We run a range of fundraising events from Jailbreak to Raids and more. We also support societies, clubs and students on their own fundraising. See more

I chair Bristol SU's Sustainability Exec who take the lead in coordinating a wide range of sustainability projects at Bristol SU. I work with the Student Living officer to ensure that sustainability and environmental issues are represented within the University and the union. See more

I am the chair of volunteering here at Bristol SU. I'm hear to make sure your views as a volunteer are heard by the Union. I will be working closely with the Union Affairs Officer and Bristol SU staff to make sure you make the most of all the volunteering opportunities on offer at Bristol. See more