RAG (Raising and Giving) Chair

RAG Chair - Hari SoodRAG Chair - Hari Sood

I chair Bristol SU's RAG (Raising and Giving) Exec who are the fundraising arm of Bristol SU. We run a range of fundraising events from Jailbreak to Raids and more. We also support societies, clubs and students on their own fundraising.

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Here is my manifesto:

Let's be honest, over recent years RAG's influence throughout the uni has been wilting. It would be easy to say "Let's make everything massive and awesome!", but it's extremely hard to do so without a stable base from which to operate.

As Chair, I will provide this base, and extend the reach of RAG in everyday uni life as much as realistically possible. I will do this through:


  • More detailed and specific roles, and less general reps, including:
    • Pub quiz officers, RAG week main event officer, Stoke Bishop and City Centre Officers, Bar crawl officer, innovations officers
  • Regular and productive meetings
  • Embodying the committee with enthusiastic, driven mentality (seems a given but is actually extremely important)


  • Listen to and run events students want to do, and be open to feedback
  • Connect with students regularly through social media/events/stands, so they understand RAG, and their potential to get involved - the more help for RAG the better
  • To give students the chance to run events, learn how to manage fundraising, speak publicly and other key skills, all in a way that'll entice them to do so
  • Form ties with local businesses and charities, bridging the gap between UoB students and Bristol residents

Grounded ambition

  • Running events we know we can run well
  • Providing as much as possible without inhibiting our own abilities
  • Providing RAG with the necessary structure to become influential again in the future

Because you can't spell 'Charity' without 'Hari'