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Sports Chair - Grace YouellSports Chair - Grace Youell

I chair Bristol SU's Sports Exec who are responsbile for setting priorities for the year and working on improving sport for at Bristol. We also lead on Varsity and creating a community of sport at Bristol.

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Here is my manifesto:

Sport is on the rise at Bristol University with a growing number of clubs and students involved. I believe sport encourages friendship and learning, improves physical and mental health and provides a sense of achievement and learning; for these reasons I want to do what I can to give easy access to sport and provide the platform for improvement whether as a beginner, star striker, centre, backstroker or doubles player.

My experience includes 2 years playing for a 1st team, setting up a Participation to Performance (P2P) squad as Club Captain of Basketball and working with a fantastic committee and staff at SEH and Bristol SU to implement a number of changes in the club. These experiences have shown me that with a combination of passion, good ideas and a strong support team, vast improvements can be made in the provision of sport both at participation and performance level. In conjunction with Club Captains, the Sport and Student Development Officer, Bristol SU and SEH I would like to build on these improvements to get more students involved in Bristol sport. I intend to do this by:

Increasing Participation

  • Working with Bristol SU and SEH to ensure all sports clubs have the support, resources, facilities and finances to sustain and increase participation levels.  
  • Helping Club Captains organise and run taster sessions to get more people involved throughout the year, especially for international and postgraduate students or for those wanting a new challenge after Christmas.
  • Increasing the affordability of sport at Bristol, including the introduction of more ‘social memberships’ across clubs and cheaper memberships for those that cannot commit to every training session.
  • Increasing the number of students involved in non-playing sports roles including coaching, volunteering and officiating.

Improving Performance

  • Working with SEH to ensure that clubs are supported with coaching, facilities and training necessary for performance improvement and to attract top sporting talent.
  • Joining up all Club Captains to ensure that what is going well in some sports club is transferred to others.
  • Bridging the gap between participation and performance levels by encouraging clubs to run mid-season trials for non-members inspired by what they have seen in the first term or for those members wanting to move up squads.
  • Increasing links with wider Bristol sports clubs to encourage the sharing of facilities, coaching and expertise.

Enhancing Reputation

  • Ensuring that sport at Bristol University sport is non-elitist and open to all.
  • Promoting Bristol University sport on all media platforms using student media, the #mightymaroon and PlayerLayer brand.
  • Ensuring all sporting successes (both at participation and performance level) are recognised by the University and wider community.