Sustainability Chair

Sustainability Chair - Adela SimonovaSustainability Chair - Adela Simonova

I chair Bristol SU's Sustainability Exec who take the lead in coordinating a wide range of sustainability projects at Bristol SU. I work with the Student Living officer to ensure that sustainability and environmental issues are represented within the University and the union.

Hello, it’s me! I’ve been wondering if after one long year you’d like to meet. To go over…

Sustainability of course!

My name is Adela and I am currently in 3rd year doing Law and studying abroad. I am coming back to Bristol next year though and will be your Sustainability Chair.

I have been involved in sustainability matters since I started university. I’ve been a keen member of Bristol SU Get Green, helped out with Bristol Big Give and helped with setting up the Student’s Guide to Sustainability Conference. I even have a lot of new inspiration from abroad about new events to get sustainability through to everyone (think bar crawls or sustainable walking tours, going around local shops, restaurants etc…). I would also like to continue to support the already existing campaigns and initiatives and support new ones you would think of.

And remember, sustainability can start with as little as an ice cream.