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Volunteering Chair - Wing ChanVolunteering Chair - Wing Chan

I am the chair of volunteering here at Bristol SU. I'm hear to make sure your views as a volunteer are heard by the Union. I will be working closely with the Union Affairs Officer and Bristol SU staff to make sure you make the most of all the volunteering opportunities on offer at Bristol. 

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Here is my manifesto:

Who am I?

  • A true believer in Youth Power
  • A 2nd year social policy student
  • Current Vice-President in AIESEC, a non-profit international student organisation
  • Passionate and experienced in volunteering coordination, management and networking


Micro and macro opportunities

  • Provide more diversified local projects e.g. animal care, food poverty
  • Global citizenship programmes: increase 50% international projects related to global issues
  • Offer more volunteering projects within 30 minutes' transport from the campus


  • Weekly drop-in sessions: provide one-on-one advice on choosing projects
  • Tailored skills sessions: gather opinions from societies and volunteers on the skills they would like to gain
  • Volunteers' night: create a special event for volunteers to share their fruitful experiences and networking

Value-based delivery

  • Disseminate the impacts of volunteering: testimonials from volunteers and participants
  • Recognition. Establish Excellent Student Volunteering Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold for different levels of involvement in philanthropic work

Did you know? You are 50% happier if you volunteer! (Gallup's happiness index 2015)