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+ What is a Course Rep?

Course Reps are students elected by their peers to represent their interests and opinions to the University and Bristol SU [Read more]

Course Reps are students elected by their peers to represent their interests and opinions to the University and Bristol SU. For undergraduate programmes, there will typically be one Course Rep per twenty to forty students, whilst postgraduate Course Reps will often have a higher Rep to Students ratio.

The Course Rep seeks to improve the academic experience of their fellow students by reporting issues and areas to develop. They collect feedback and relay this to staff in their School or Department, and advice with how changes may be implemented. Course Reps are also a vital link between the student body and the Students' Union, and are considered full voting members of Student Council.

Term of Office

One academic year.

First year undergraduate reps, postgraduate taught reps and postgraduate research reps are elected in September. Second, third, forth and fifth year undergraduate course reps are elected in March, and begin their term in September. 

Time Commitment: 

You must attend Course Rep Training on the 5th November and SSLC meetings. How long you spend on your role depends on your time available and the needs of those you represent.

Core Responsibilities: 

  • Keep abreast of student issues on your course and actively seek out the opinion of your peers through a variety of communication methods
  • Liaise with other Reps to gain support and share thoughts and ideas
  • Attend and represent views and opinions of students on your course at Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings and other meetings as appropriate
  • Feed back and discuss issues raised at the SSLC with your fellow students
  • To attend induction and on-going training to ensure you are as prepared as possible
  • Promote yourself and your role effectively to students on your course, ensuring that they are aware of the support you offer
  • To feed key information up to School and Faculty Reps as and when required
  • To attend Bristol SU Student Council as a voting member and ensure that educational issues are firmly represented
  • To be part of the group of student representatives met by Faculty Quality Enhancement Teams during their periodic visits to schools, representing the students on your programme or course
  • To engage with the Bristol SU Liberation Officers on issues related to equality and diversity to help meet the needs of all students.
  • It is not your responsibility to deal with individual and personal issues. Students should be directed to their personal tutor, Just Ask or Student Support Services

Where you are unable to attend these meetings please ensure this is appropriately communicated to the Chair/Secretary as soon as possible.

Further Opportunities: 

  • School Reps bridge the gap between Course Reps and Senate Reps and sit on the Faculty Staff Student Liaison Committee (FSSLC). School Reps have already been elected as Course Reps. They collect and collate the information from their School level SSLC to take to the Faculty level FSSLC any issues that could not be dealt with at a School level meeting. Elections to become a School Rep take place at the first SSLC of the year, please contact the Chair or organiser of the SSLC to find out more about this position.  

  • Undergraduate Faculty Reps and Postgraduate Faculty Reps

  • FQET Student Members

+ Course Rep Recognition

The Course Rep role is recognised by the University of Bristol's Bristol PLUS Award and at Bristol SU's Union Awards for Representation, [Read more]

The Course Rep role is recognised by the University of Bristol's Bristol PLUS Award. The Bristol PLUS Award recognises and rewards students who have gained significant professional and life skills through work experience, volunteering and other activities outside of their studies.

There is also a reward at Bristol SU's Union Awards for Representation, which recognises students who have gone above and beyond their role as a representative. Last year Matt Graham, Engineering Senate Rep, won the award for his committment to improving the representation system in the Faculty of Engineering and working hard to improve the Faculty Staff Student Liaison Committee. 

+ What will you get up to?

Actively communicating with staff and students, attending Student Leaders Conference to boost your skills [Read more]

You represent the interestes and opinions of your course mates. During the yeear you'll be:

  • Representing the students on your course at university committees
  • Finding out students' thoughts and opinions through channels including; coure rep forums, Blackboard and email.
  • Actively communicating with staff and students
  • Attending Student Leaders Conference to boost your skills
  • Attending the Bristol SU Student Council Meetings and Annual Members Meeting
  • Working with Liberation Officers to make Bristol welcoming and inclusive
  • Building a sense of community in your School


Ideas to get you started

  • Get in touch with staff in your School to talk about the year ahead
  • Organise an informal meeting for your course mates to discuss life as a student in your School. We can support you to do this
  • Set up a study group for your course mates to meet up, study together and talk about any extra help staff could provide
  • Survey students for feedback on their experiences. See our online ‘How To’ guide for this
  • Set up an anonymous drop box in your School for students to leave suggestions
  • Meet a member of staff for coffee to get to know them better
  • Work with academic societies in your subject to organise a social trip for your course mates