Jargon Buster

Students in discussion at an event

Are you ever sat in a meeting and don't understand what people are talking about? Here's our handy jargon buster to help you out!

Agenda The running order of items to be discussed at the meeting
AMM Annual Members Meeting
AOB Any other business - an opportunity for members to raise an item not listed on the agenda
Chair The person who presides over the committee
CMM Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Committee A group of people appointed to perform a specific task
Co-opted Additional members added by agreement of the committee to its membership
Ex officio Latin: 'from the office'. Members entitled to be part of a meeting because of another position they hold
Faculty Rep Lead Rep for a faculty, elected by all undergraduate students in that faculty
Forum A meeting where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged
FSSLC Faculty Staff Student Liaison Committee
Full-time Officer Full-time elected student representative. The team of 6 full-time officers runs UBU
HE Higher Education
HEFCE Higher Education Funding Council for England
In attendance People who attend a committee meeting but do not have voting privileges
Member A person appointed to a committee or organisation
Minutes An accurate record of the discussion and decisions taken at a meeting
NSS National Student Survey
NUS National Union of Students
Ofsted Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills
Papers Documents discussed during a meeting
PGR Postgraduate Research students
PGT Postgraduate Taught students
Postgraduate Research Senate Rep Lead representative for postgraduate research students
Postgraduate Taught Faculty Rep Lead representative for postgraduate taught students
PRES Postgraduate Research Experience Survey
PTES Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey
QAA Quality Assurance Agency
Quorum Number of members required to be present in order that the meeting may proceed and decisions are valid
Representation The action of speaking or acting on behalf of another
Representative Someone elected to speak or act on behalf of another
School Rep A Course Rep with the additional responsibilities of representing their school at faculty meetings
Senate The highest academic meeting at the University of Bristol
Secretary The person who manages the business of the committee and takes minutes at the meetings
SSL (Faculty of) Social Sciences and Law
SSLC Student Staff Liaison Committee
Terms of Reference A statement of the tasks delegated to a committee
Bristol SU University of Bristol Students' Union
Union An organisation of members with a similar goal or purpose, formed to promote the views and welfare of its members


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