Why become a Course Rep?

Being a Course Rep is a fantastic opportunity to make sure that your course is of the highest quality and standards. By coming together to raise issues and discuss improvements with Course Reps from across the University, you can make a massive impact on the student experience here at Bristol.

But what about you?

Transferable Skills:

Through the training we offer and engaging with students and staff you will develop many transferable skills. These skills will aid you in your studies, career prospects and personal life. Being a Course Rep shows an employer that you have taken time out of your studies to further course standards for the benefit of your peers. The role develops crucial employability skills including:

  • Negotiation
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Project planning/organisation
  • Communication


It is also a chance to build personal relationship with academics and other students, useful for work experience within your department and for a more personal reference.


Being a Rep provides amazing experience for applications and can be added to your CV. Prospective employers want to see more than just a qualification. The extra-curricular side of your CV will show them that you were part of a community and can take on additional responsibilities and juggle different tasks.

Course Rep Recognition

The Course Rep role is recognised by the University of Bristol's Bristol PLUS Award. The Bristol PLUS Award recognises and rewards students who have gained significant professional and life skills through work experience, volunteering and other activities outside of their studies.

There is also a reward at the Union Awards for Representation, which recognises students who have gone above and beyond their role as a representative. Recently, Matt Graham, Engineering Senate Rep, won the award for his committment to improving the representation system in the Faculty of Engineering and working hard to improve the Faculty Staff Student Liaison Committee. 

What our Reps say:

"I've been a course rep for 2 years now! This is my final year at the university and it makes me really emotional because I've had a great time being a rep, whether it was about shifting deadlines, increasing student to staff feedback or organising the class photograph before some students left the course."- Year 4 MEng Electronic and Communications Engineering Rep

"I helped students with ethical application/research passport advice for upcoming MSc projects! Students were very appreciative of this guidance."- MSc Applied Neuropsychology Rep

"Where I have had free time, I helped in volunteering to help out at the Best of Bristol lectures. This has made me happier, knowing that I am able to contribute something for Bristol. "- Year 1 Mechanical Engineering Rep

What their course mates appreciated:

"She has been extremely effective at bridging the gap between the staff and the students all year, by clearing up confusions and voicing our opinions."

"He was able to get the staff to send multiple emails to clarify confusions, and was even able to organise a mock exam when we asked him!"

"Hayley's been a really good course rep this year. I'd say it's impossible to list everything that she's done for us in this small box. I really think our course wouldn't be as successful without her."