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Sport & Student Development: Rushab Shah

Hey! My name is Rushab Shah, an international Mechanical Engineering student from Nairobi, Kenya, and I will be your sports and student development officer this year. 

My role is all about supporting sports clubs and any areas of the university that engage students in physical activity. It also includes helping students develop skills in areas outside of academic studies.

Throughout my 4 years in Bristol, I have been an active member in the men’s football team, and I was the president and founder of the East African Society. I took an interest in Scuba Diving in my first year, but the water in the UK was way too cold for me to carry this hobby on!

The university has a huge spread of clubs and societies and there is plenty of opportunity for students of all abilities to get involved. I am very excited for the new year and can’t wait to improve the quality of physical activity in our university!

What am I working on this year?


Improving Coombe Dingle Transport

  • Improving the bus service to Coombe dingle by extending the U1 service
  • Working with Bristol city council to get rentable electric scooters and bikes in the city

Increasing the capacity at the university gym

  • Extending the university gym hours and eventually making the university gym 24/7

Widening participation and improving access to sport and exercise

  • Ensuring female only swim and gym sessions continue 
  • Improve quality of training to sport leaders to teach them to be more inclusive 


  • Continue to increase the number of referees for intramural  
  • For intramural football, ensuring games are played on the Dingle 4G

What have I done so far?



  • I am working with the BME network, Trans Students’ network, LGBT+ network to make sport more inclusive for all students.
  • I held a forum for sports club captains to collect feedback on how the SU can support society leaders in the current climate, and on how the SU can ensure committee motivation and wellbeing. 


  • I have been working on getting LGBTQ+ and women only swim sessions.
  • I have been working on getting intramural 11 a side football on the dingle 4g
  • I have launched our Movember campaign where our clubs and societies have already raised over £8000.


  • I worked with BEAT to deliver training around fatphobic language and diet culture for sports committees and S.E.H staff. 
  • I fought to protect Wednesday afternoons from the extended teaching hours.
  • I launched the Ted’s Friends foundation to improve mental health support available to sports teams.
  • I continued to work on improving transport for Coombe Dingle, making the Uni gym 24/7 and more referees for intramural.