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Shubham: Postgraduate Education Officer

Hello, I am Shubham Singh and I am currently Postgraduate Education Officer. My role encompasses representing Postgraduate (both taught and research) students at all possible levels within University and improving their student experience, particularly, in regard to well-being and academic affairs.

In September 2016, I came to Bristol to do MSc Gender and International Relations. Alongside my studies, I got involved with SU by getting into Course rep role, Democratic Standards Committee and Best of Bristol Lectures Committee. Soon, I came across the opportunity to stand for full-time officer role which I thought would be a great opportunity to build upon my experiences gained in previous roles and make even bigger and better changes on a University-level.

If there is anything that affects your educational experience and would want to discuss with me further, please feel free to get in touch with me on facebook or email.


+ Policy

Full Time International Students Officer - 23/02/2017


Bristol University should improve it's contribution to neglected disease research - 23/02/2017


Lobby for Postgraduate Research Students to be paid monthly - 18/02/2016


  • PVC Research is following up with HR to gauge feasability

Transport for Langford - 01/12/2015


  • 22/3/16 - Laura met with Amy Heritage (Transport) and people from the school of vet science - they acknowledge the need but don't have the resource. The University is coming up to the process where they re-tender for transport contracts and are finding out how much it would cost to include a service to Langford that works for Postgrads to see if the central University is willing to fund it. The action from the meeting was for the students to put together a document detailing their ideal service and a service they would be willing to settle for

Support the reinstate alison hayman campaign - 10/03/2015


  • 11/05/15 Have been involved in the UCU campaign and expressed concern with senior management
  • 11/05/15 Yet to make statement on website
  • 22/03/16 The case went to tribunal and the verdict was in the University's favour, saying that Alison was not unfairly dismissed. 

Conflict of interest in Pastoral and Disciplinary roles of Professional Programme Staff Members - 02/12/2014


  • 11/05/15 Issues were raised at relevant committees and some wording was changed in Regulations and Codes of Practice

Supporting our staff over the USS pensions raid - 30/10/2014