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Postgraduate life and the Bristol SU Postgraduate Network

Hello, my name is Shubham Singh and I am currently Postgraduate Education Officer. My role encompasses representing Postgraduate (both taught and research) students at all levels within University and improving their student experience, particularly, in regards to well-being and academic affairs.

In September 2016, I came to Bristol to do MSc Gender and International relations. Outside my studies, I engaged with Best of Bristol (BOB) Lectures Committee, Course Rep role, Democratic Standards Committee and Badminton Club. Participation in extra-curricular activities supported by SU helped me have an enriching social experience and deal with the challenges that come along with moving to a different country for the first time and doing Masters.

If you are a postgraduate or an international student, feel free to get in touch with me through Facebook or email.

Here's what I want to do for you:

1. Address the issues surrounding hourly-paid teachers contracts

Postgraduate students who teach: Address the issues surrounding the Hourly-paid teachers contracts and campaign for fair pay and better working conditions.

2. Improve the social experience of postgraduate and international students

Social life: Supporting Postgraduate network and International students network to improve social experience of postgraduate and international students.

3. Tailored job guidance for international students

International Students Empolyability: Tailored guidance to international students regarding their work prospects in the UK and beyond.

4. Educational experience

Educational experience: Address the concerns surrounding assessment, feedback, contact hours, teaching, supervision and other academic issues.


You can see my full manifesto here