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Did you realise that Sustainability is central to both our lives and our degrees? If you are researching, or simply have an interested in any of these areas, then why not take part in ‘A Student’s Guide to Sustainability’ conference.   

Develop your presentation skills, share your research and encourage others to do the same by applying for our conference on Thursday 6th March, 5-7pm, Capenter Room, Bristol SU.

You could share your research or volunteering though a presentation, poster or performance.

Last year students presented about Engineers Without Borders and its Role in Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability and Population Growth, CF4 emissions and their associated risks, Being Vegan, Can growing an energy crop help Britain’s pollinators?  and Becoming sustainable: how easy is it and what can you do?

Get inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals and email the Green Curriculum Team with your idea -

List of sustainability goals in a calendar format