Create Fund

The Bristol SU Sustainability team are here to help students develop and deliver sustainability initiatives at the University of Bristol, leading to more sustainability-minded graduates.

The Create Fund is a pot of £5000 to fund student-led projects in the 2016/17 academic year. This will give students the opportunity to make Bristol more sustainable and see their ideas come to life with the support of the Bristol SU Sustainability team. These projects must contribute to social, economic or environmental sustainability on campus or in your local community.

Grants of up to £100 will be awarded on a rolling basis and grants of between £100 - £500 will be awarded monthly. If you wish to apply for funding over £500, please get in touch. You may also want consider match funding from other Bristol SU or external grants.

Please read our Hints, Tips & Advice guide carefully before completing your application.

If you need this application in another format or feel you may need extra support in applying or running your project, please get in touch.

Create Fund Menu suggesting £5000 fund, for more info visit