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+ Available training

Online Safeguarding Training

This 30 min online training module will build your confidence and enable you to identify and report safeguarding issues. It’s intended for students looking to volunteer with children, young people, the elderly or vulnerable adults. This training is compulsory for those wishing to volunteer on a Bristol SU student-led project.

Face-to-face Training

We offer a wide range of face-to-face training all year round. Please visit our training calendar to sign up for future events.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you with volunteering, drop us a line at

+ DBS Check

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is necessary for any student who will be volunteering with children or vulnerable adults. Find out how to get your DBS check done for free.

+ Stay in the loop with volunteering opportunities

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+ Tools for volunteering project coordinators

Here’s some key information that will help you run your project. For more information visit our Safety, Trips & Transport information on our Tools to Run Your Group page or email us at

Finance and Grants

Volunteering projects can now have the tools to manage their finance in the same way as societies and sports clubs. If you hold treasurer responsibilities, please learn about our finance processes, including setting a budget and managing expense claims and invoices.

We offer drop-in sessions every Monday between 3-5pm and Wed 11am - 1pm to cover the following:

  • Using the eXpense365 app

  • The process for project coordinators to make expense claims, and how you can approve them

  • How you can pay money into your SU bank account

  • Requesting to withdraw a cash float

  • Handling invoices

If you'd like to meet with us, please submit this form.

To fund your volunteering activity, you are eligible for the Bristol SU Volunteering Grant and the University’s Alumni grant. Please learn about the application process to make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

Training and support

If you need specific help with something, come to have a chat with our team. Email us at to book an appointment.

We can help with a wide variety of things including but not limed to training opportunities, grants, budgeting, events, wellbeing, volunteer recruitment. We can also connect you with a broad spectrum of local charities for running events together or sharing training resources.

Keep an eye on our training calendar with the year-round training sessions on how to be an effective project coordinator.

In June, we organise Committee Fest, which is Bristol SU’s annual training festival, providing you with everything you need to know to run your group for the year ahead! If you are a project coordinator, you will receive an email invitation nearer the time.

Attracting volunteers

Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your group and attract new volunteers in our exciting annual events. You are eligible for a stall at:

  • Welcome Fair in October

  • Volunteering Fair in February

  • Refreshers Fair in February

  • Give it a Go Programme

  • Other ad-hoc outreach events

You will receive an invitation nearer the time to reserve your place.

We can also publicise your events and help you recruit volunteers on the Bristol SU opportunities portalvolunteering Facebook page and volunteering newsletter.

Awards and Accreditations

The Balloon Accreditation Scheme is Bristol SU's way of recognising and celebrating the brilliant things that our student groups get up to. You can achieve bronze, silver or gold by submitting evidence that meets the criteria. In return, you’ll receive a range of rewards and opportunities.

Your volunteering project is also eligible to take part in the Bristol SU Awards. The volunteering award category recognises the enormous contribution that students make to Bristol and the wider community.

Room Booking

Like other societies and sports clubs, you are eligible to book an SU room for community events and volunteer meetings. Please read about our booking process and view the room booking calendar for availability.

Why not use the SU Living Room for your meet-ups?

End Your Year

Make sure you leave your project in a good place for your successors. The most important step is to register your group for reaffiliation with Bristol SU between April and July. You will be asked to provide information about your group in order to continue receiving the benefits and support from Bristol SU.

Depending on the nature of your project, you may want to appoint or elect new project coordinator. We can advise you on how to run an annual general meeting and committee elections. If you prefer to appoint new committee members, we can help you advertise committee positions and support you with setting up an interview. Email us at for advice.

Health and Safety

Please read carefully about our health and safety requirements and practices before you organise a volunteering event.

Before your volunteers can work with children and/or vulnerable adults, they will need to complete our online safeguarding training. Your volunteers are likely to require a DBS check which our team can provide.

Bristol PLUS Award

You can get recognition for volunteering, as well as a variety of other Students' Union activities through the Bristol PLUS Award, run by the Careers Service. The award provides a framework to reflect on the skills you have gained and learn how to articulate them effectively to future employers.