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Organising Trips

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Trips are often the highlight of a groups' year - they can be fun challenging, adventurous, a learning opportunity, rewarding and, of course, fun.

As a group leader you have a responsibility for the safety of your members, as well as your own.  When organising a trip remember the following:

  • Plan your itinerary and book your transport, accommodation etc well in advance.
  • Nominate a Trip Organiser.
  • Keep members informed.
  • Create a budget and remember to include transport, accommodation, entrance fees, food and any other expenses.  Ensure what you charge covers all of your costs and don't assume you'll sell all of the trip places.
  • Manage the risks – carry out risk assessments for the trip.  Remember, the trip includes the journey to and from the place you're visiting.  Download the relevant risk assessment form
  • Ensure you have the names and contact details of all the trip participants.
  • Know what to do in case of an emergency.
  • If you're going abroad participants will need travel insurance.
  • Seek advice from Bristol SU if you need it.

If you're in any doubt about what to do please get in touch.

Registering your trip

We actively encourage you to register your trip with us and are, therefore, always happy to accept details of your trip (where you are going, when, who is attending), which we will log with University Security. You can notify us via:

Whether or not you chose to register your trip with us, you MUST ensure that you thoroughly plan and risk assess your trip before and during it. Please ensure you've read the other sections of the website relating to trips (health & safetyrisk assessmentsreporting accident and incidents, insurance) so you know and understand your responsibilities. If you need advice or help please get in touch with Bristol SU via: