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Intramural FAQ's


Pricing and membership



Why is there a cost?

Intramual is committed to making sport accessible, but is has to pay for itself. Player fees cover the cost of running the programme which doesn't produce a profit. Without fees, Intramural couldn't exist and the experiences you love couldn't happen.

Where does my money go? 

Most of your fees go to facility hire. The second biggest cost is student staff time:  hiring staff for league admin leads to fewer mistakes and better organisation. We've also invested in developing leagues this year to bring the improvements players wanted: finals days, awards, and a better game day experience - we think this is worth paying for!

This seems expensive?

Remember your fee covers a year's worth of games - with one payment, you get 14 league games (and more friendlies). This works out as under £2 per game (football is £2.50)! Our resarch shows this is at least 50% than local alternatives, the cheapest way to play in Bristol 


Intramural is the cheapest way to play the sports you love at UoB - at under £2 per game, it's unbeatable value!


What's new in 2019/20?

We worked hard to listen to your feedback and bring in the changes you wanted! We surveyed and met with hundreds of players, here's what's different

Better organisation

You asked for better organisation: we've brought in more staff, better league management software, better league structures and a communications plan means leagues will be much more organised, with fewer errors and opposition withdrawels. 

Game Day Support

You told us game days could be better organised: we're bringing in and trained match day helpers from our clubs or paid staff. They'll help organise fixtures on the day and help with any unforseen problems!

Mid-year promotion/relegations and improved league structures

You asked for a chance to play teams of your level. An improved league structure will allow you to complete the league in one term, allowing for finals and promotion and relegation mid-year

Celebration and finals days

You told us you love playing for something that mattered, on good facilities. We're renting out Coombe Dingle at the end of the year for a finals day and awards ceremony where we'll crown league winners!

Referees and Umpires

We're working on bringing in refs to all 11-a-side football games by Spring, and bringing in umpires/match helpers to other leagues where possible.

Player Progress Tracker

Using League Republic, you'll be able to sign up to a team, enter goal scorers, player of the match and track your individual progress!

Fewer Cancellations (11-a-side)

No more losing games due to wet weather - the Downs have agreed to refund or reschedule up to 6 weeks of cancelled fixtures!


Team sign ups and applications


How do I sign up a team?

Easy! Fill in this form. It'll create a team and generate a unique team code - the next step is signing up players (below). Teams are accepted first come, first serve when they hit the minimum number of sign ups per league.

How do I sign up for a team?

If you have a team to play for, and you want to pay and sign up, go here. Press 'book now', select your sport, next (bottom of page), enter your team's unique code and pay! Make sure you enter the code correctly.

I don't have a team to play for?

Don't worry, we'll try and find you a team who are looking for more players! Fill in this form. 

I want to play for my halls?

Your halls have teams created already. All you need to do is sign up and enter your hall's team's unique code. Ask your Resi-life team, JCR or email us to find out what it is!

I signed up but entered the wrong team code?

Don't worry, we can correct this. Just let us know what team you're trying to sign up to and in which sport. 

I want to see how many people have signed up for my team?

No problem, just drop us an email and we'll tell you

My team has paid, but we couldn't get enough players to be accepted

No problem. In the first instance, we'll try and find you a team to play with. If that fails, we'll give you a full refund.


Application Changes for this year


Team applications are different to last year?

This year we're using an individual payment model. Our research shows that when an individual signs up and pays, they're much more likely to be committed. This leads to fewer team drop outs, and fewer cancelled games, which means no turning up with no team to play!

That's another reason we added minimum sign ups - it's a way of testing if teams have the committment they need so it doesn't disrupt the league later.

We're a society and normally pay for teams, what do we do?

Players will still have to pay and sign up, but if you want to subsidise teams, you can do that: either reduce the cost of your society membership for Intramural players, or players can claim an expense from your society on the 3rd floor of the SU.

Be careful! Make sure you budget for this. It's probably a good idea to set a cap: IE first 15 players to sign up are subsidised. Also, it's a good idea to make players pay part of the cost; it'll make sure they're committed

We're a halls JCR and normally pay for teams, what do we do?

Halls teams have been signed up for you, but if you want to pay for members you can do that by: paying for kit/socials other experiences for players. Or, you can refund players through the JCR funds. Players will still need to sign up and pay first. If you're interested in doing this, please email us!


League info, venue, structure


I've never played, what can I expect from games?

Intramural is all about the in game experience, having fun, and making friends. You can expect to play the sport you love at a great atmosphere. Depending on your league, you might find a different level of opposition and competative levels, but it should always be fun!

How often are games?

Games are every week, during TB1 and TB2. No games are in holidays

When and where is my league played?

You can find this out under each league's homepage, check the sidebar or the bottom of the main Intamural Home Page 

What are my leagues rules?

Each league has its own rules. You can find these out via your captain or captain's handbooks or sports home pages. All leagues (except tugby and women's football) are mixed gender. Remember, Intramural is first and foremost about having fun.

I'm a Captain, do I need to input scores? and how?

For some sports the Intramural reps will input scores onto our league websites, but for most larger team sports we need Captains to do this. It's really simple to do, and only takes 2 mins, you can view our guidance here.


If you have any questions, please contact