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Reclaim is back, and this year we’re Reclaiming Our Bodies, Reclaiming Our Power and Reclaiming the Night!

Women continue to face verbal, physical, online and sexual assault everyday, and we are uniting together to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The Bristol SU Women’s Network are running three weeks of campaign and events to raise awareness of the key issues facing women today.

Join the Reclaim Bristol 2017 campaign here and check out all of the events below.

Reclaim our Bodies

Week 1, starting on 6 November, Reclaim our Bodies will focus on the verbal and online harassment that women face everyday about the ‘ideal body’ and the way we look.

Reclaim our Power

Our second week, Reclaim our Power, contains one clear message; enough is enough. We are no longer willing to stand by and stay silent. Through online reporting tools and practical safety advice, we can take back our voices.

Reclaim the Night

Finally, from 20 – 25 November the spotlight will be directed towards gender-based violence - the dark side of campus culture. Our bodies are not for public consumption, and there is never an excuse for sexual assault.

Through our ‘Hands Off’ campaign, we will repeat the all-too necessary reminder that every woman should be safe at university, no matter how much she’s drunk, what she’s wearing or when she said ‘no’.

SAVE THE DATE! On 25 November Bristol students and residents will march through the city together as part of the national Reclaim movement; this is our city too, and it’s time to Reclaim it.