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The next democratic meeting:

Meeting type: Annual Members Meeting
When: 6:15pm Tuesday 26 February 2019 - doors open from 5:30pm for sign in and pizza
Where: Anson Rooms, Bristol SU
Who: All students can attend, debate and vote on motions at this meeting.
Facebook event:
Questions: email
Next steps: submit motions by midday Feb 5th - please read further below for motion submissions

NUS National Conference Motions:

NUS National Conference Motion deadline is also midday on February 5th - click here to read all about submitting a motion to the NUS National Conference.

The last meeting:

Click here to see minutes from the last Student Council - 20/11/18
Policy created at the meeting 20/11/18:

Policy ratified at the meeting 20/11/18:

From Student Council October 2017:

 1. New Year, New Tactic
2. Approving Bristol SU networks standing mandates
- click here to see standing mandates

3. Accommodating Students of Faith 

From Annual Members Meeting February 2018:

1. Bristol SU to Support University Strike Action 
2. Be Mankind Active
3. Support Refugee and Asylum Seeker Access to Higher Education
4. Denounce Brexit
5. Increasing inter-faculty open units  
6. Protecting students in nightclubs and bars

From Student Council June 2018:

1. Boycott the border industry on campus
2. Establish a Multifaith Network
3. Confronting Transmisogyny on Campus
4. Freedom of Information

Previous Policy:

To see the active policy that was passed in the last three years and the stages that policy is at please visit the Officers pages. Each Officer covers a remit so if you are looking for a certain policy it will fall under one of the six officers. Please contact us if you can not find it. You can also view minutes from the last three years at the bottom of this page.

Types of meetings:

Student Council 

Student Council is the primary representative forum of the Students' Union. It creates policy which directs the focus of the elected officers. Members discuss and vote on items (motions) submitted by students. Any items (motions) that pass become active SU policy for three years. The next Student Council will be on 11 June 2019. 

All students may attend student council meetings and bring forward ideas but only eligible members can vote, these include:

  • Society Presidents

  • Sports Club Captains

  • Course and Faculty Reps

  • JCR Presidents

  • Chairs of Networks

  • Student Trustees

AMM (Annual Members' Meeting)

The Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) is the Students’ Union’s largest democratic event. Any student can attend and vote! AMM takes place once a year and like Student Council, this meeting is an opportunity to pass policy and hold the Full-time Officers to account. Any items (motions) that pass become active SU policy for three years. This years AMM will be on 26 February 2019.