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Democratic Events

Last years democratic meetings:

Student Council - 11 June 2019 - Minutes

Motions results:

Annual Members Meeting - 26 February 2019 - Minutes

Motion results:

  1. Declare a Climate Emergency - PASSED & ratified at student council on 11/06/19
  2. Change the University default search engine to Ecosia  - PASSED & ratified at student council on 11/06/19
  3. Inclusion of Gender Identity in SU Byelaws - PASSED & ratified at student council on 11/06/19
  4. Can you at least pretend to care about us? - PASSED & ratified at student council on 11/06/19
  5. Divesting from Israel's Illegal Occupation of the West Bank - PASSED with an amendment & ratified at student council on 11/06/19
  6. Protecting Free Speech - FAILED
  7. Ban groups or 'slates' running in the elections - not discussed
  8. I AMM in Favour of Change - not discussed
  9. Motion of No Confidence in NUS President Shakira Martin - not discussed
  10. Two Dedicated Roles in the International Students' Network Committee (EU and Overseas) - not discussed
  11. Make Network Committee Elections Closer to March Elections - not discussed
  12. Create a Parents, Carers and Mature Students' Network - not discussed
  13. Support for Student Workers Through the Couriers Network - not discussed

Student Council - 21 November 2018 - Minutes

Policy created:

  1. Changes to Byelaws for the International Students' Officer (including job description and draft of changes to Byelaws)
  2. Support for the Movement Against Immigration Detention and the Hostile Environment 
  3. Man Feelings yearly campaign around male mental health
  4. Give power back to Student Council: Reduce Quoracy by 2%
  5. Regularise the review of the roles of the SU full-time officers
  6. Improving accessibility of societies for students with disabilities
  7. Replacement of Officers following a post being left vacant

Previous Policy:

To see the active policy that was passed in the last three years and the stages that policy is at please visit the Officers pages. Each Officer covers a remit so if you are looking for a certain policy it will fall under one of the six officers. Please contact us if you can not find it. You can also view minutes from the last three years at the bottom of this page.

Types of meetings:

Student Council 

Student Council is the primary representative forum of the Students' Union. It creates policy which directs the focus of the elected officers. Members discuss and vote on items (motions) submitted by students. Any items (motions) that pass become active SU policy for three years. The next Student Council will be on 21 November 2019. 

All students may attend student council meetings and bring forward ideas but only eligible members can vote, these include:

  • Society Presidents

  • Sports Club Captains

  • Course and Faculty Reps

  • JCR Presidents

  • Chairs of Networks

  • Student Trustees

AMM (Annual Members' Meeting)

The Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) is the Students’ Union’s largest democratic event. Any student can attend and vote! AMM takes place once a year and like Student Council, this meeting is an opportunity to pass policy and hold the Full-time Officers to account. Any items (motions) that pass become active SU policy for three years. This years AMM was on 25 February 2020.

Got something to raise at Student Council or AMM? 

There are three ways of submitting an item or issue for discussion at Student Council or AMM:
1. Complete an Idea Form
2. Complete the Motion Template and email it to 
3. Email the Chair at asking for support

Motion submission for a democratic meeting is now closed until the next Student Council in November 2019.

The Motion Template has loads of guidance to help you get started, but you can also use our additional guidance or contact us if you would like more support. You might also want to consider the following questions:

1. Does it advance the education of students at the University of Bristol?
2. Does it further the interests of students as students?
3. Does it reflect the fair allocation of resources between societies?
4. Is it for the public benefit (i.e. would the action benefit enough students)?
5. What would the legal, financial or reputational risks be to Bristol SU if the idea (motion) is approved?

Please get in touch with any questions: email

The Democratic Standards Committee (DSC)

The DSC ensures that Bristol SU's structures and democracy are accessible, fair and productive for all students. The committee also sets the agenda for each Student Council and AMM.
The DSC may decide that a motion is unnecessary, or an item is better discussed by a different group. For example, at a Network forum, or via an all-student referendum.
The DSC includes the Chair of Student Council; Abbie Jessop, Union Affairs Officer; Julio and five students elected by Student Council - elections are currently open.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee scrutinises the actions of the Full-time officers. It also develops proposals and motions as directed by Student Council. This committee reports to Student Council about other democratic events and conferences.
The Standing Committee includes the full time officers, chairs of networks, faculty reps and student trustees.

+ Information about previous AMMs and Student Councils