Course Reps

What is a Course Rep?

Course Reps are a key part of the Education Network as there is a course rep for every year on every course. They are part of a team of representatives across the university, who work in partnership with staff to make your course is the best it can be.
They improve students' academic experience by reporting issues and areas to develop.

Course Reps are a vital link between the student body and the Students' Union. They are full voting members of Student Council.

What are the rewards and benefits?

Aside from the enormous sense of satisfaction and improving your course for the better, you may be wondering what you get in return for all your hard work. We want to make sure that you make the most of the experience you have gained as a Rep in your future endeavours.

Rewards - FREEBIES

At the course rep training day, all reps will be eligible to collect FREE:

•          Course Rep T-Shirts
•          Union tote bag
•          Union Lanyard
•          Pizza and Drinks

Recognition – Employability Recognitions

Bristol SU LinkedIn reference – All reps will be eligible for a LinkedIn reference from the Students’ Union for future employment if they attend both:

  • A Student Council meeting or our Annual Members Meeting
  • An Education Network event (such as our Course Rep Conference on Saturday 21st April 2018)

How to get involved?

We hold elections for Course Reps in October and March each year.
Returning Undergraduate Course Reps are elected in March each year. Year 1 and Postgraduate Course Reps are elected in October.

Find your Course Rep at Or, email