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Women In Stem Project

In 2014/15 Equality, Liberation and Access Officer Alice Phillips launched a research project into the experiences of women students and staff in STEM at the University of Bristol. The project was inspired by the 2014 House of Commons report into women in scientific careers, which found that biases and working practices in STEM result in systematic discrimination against women. The project aimed to explore women's experiences in the specific context of the University of Bristol. 

The project consisted of a survey of 273 students and 42 staff members. This sample gave the student survey an 11% response rate. Two focus groups were also held with undergraduate and postgraduate women students in STEM.

The survey found that 73% of student respondents felt that Bristol was a welcoming environment, but 51% had at some point felt uncomfortable in their place of study due to their gender and 46% had experienced sexist comments. 53% of students felt that they had to prove themselves to be as capable as their male peers. 

The report was presented to the University of Bristol's Student Experience Committee and Careers Equalities Working Group. The findings were featured in the Independent and Times Higher Education.

Below you can read a full report of the findings of the research. If you have any questions about this research you can get in touch with our Research and Evaluation Coordinator Vasiliki Sogia (