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Academic Representatives

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Academic Reps are the elected students who represent their cohorts on academic issues to the University and help make positive change to improve the student experience. The representation system is made up of over 600 course reps, 18 faculty reps, and two full-time Education Officers. 

All reps are full voting members of Student Council, and are automatically part of the Education Network.

Education Network

The Education Network exists to improve all students' educational experience at Bristol. Its aim is to work together to build an education student community and create change through collective action. Through the academic year, the Education Network will lead campaigns, hold forums and draft policy on Education related issues.


The Network is made up of all the Faculty Reps. All Course Reps and academic society presidents are automatically members, and any other interested student can join here.

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Course Reps are students who have taken on the role of representing their course to the University and are a vital link between the student body, academic staff, and the Students' Union. They pass on any issues that students on their course have that have an effect on their studies. They are part of a team of representatives across the university, who work in partnership with staff to make your course is the best it can be.

They attend Student Staff Liaison Committees within their schools, where they can bring up issues their students have. They are also automatically a member of the Education Network, and are voting members of Student Council, ensuring students on their course have a voice in key SU decisions.

There is at least one course rep for every year on every course. You can find out who your course rep is here.

Faculty Reps are elected student representatives who represent all the students their faculty to the university.  There are three reps per faculty, one for each level of study: Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught, and Postgraduate Research. They play a vital role in supporting, consulting with, and building a community amongst their course reps. Each rep chairs their own Faculty Student Staff Liaison Committee (FSSLC), spaces where students can air any faculty level academic issues with university staff and find solutions to them.

They attend meetings such as University Senate, the highest committee in the university, ensuring students' views on educational issues are being heard. 

Moreover, they're a valuable voice in the Bristol SU democratic structures, sitting on Bristol SU Standing Committee, and being voting members of Student Council. Faculty reps make sure that SU policies and campaigns take into account the needs of students in thier faculty. They also work with the SU’s Full-time Education Officers by sitting on the Education Network committee, to improve students’ academic experience, and make sure that SU policies and campaigns take into account the needs of students in their faculty.

+Who are the Faculty Reps?

Undergraduate Faculty Reps

Faculty of Arts: Dave Jones
Faculty of Engineering: Flo Ingram
Faculty of Health Sciences: Rebecca Pullin
Faculty of Life Sciences: Iona Marshall
Faculty of Science: Zoe Wang
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law: Siddharth Sreekanth

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Reps

Faculty of Arts: Louis Lorenzo Holland Bonnett
Faculty of Engineering: Shivan Ramdhanie
Faculty of Health Sciences: Hannah Lyons
Faculty of Life Sciences: Chloe Worrall
Faculty of Science: Matthew Hopkins
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law: Yao Chen

Postgraduate Research Faculty Reps

Faculty of Arts: Lu Macey
Faculty of Engineering: Evangelia Nicolaidou
Faculty of Health Sciences: Daisy Gaunt
Faculty of Life Sciences: Darrian Paul
Faculty of Science: Emmanuel Bempong-Manful
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law: Raffaello Rossi

There are two full-time Education Officers: Hillary Gyebi-Ababio and Chris Brasnett.

Hillary is the Undergraduate Education Officer whose job is to oversee your time at University from the academic to the wellbeing side of things. This includes assessments, diversifying the learning envronment, and cutting hidden course costs! You can find out more about her priorities here.

Chris is the Postgraduate Education Officer. His role encompasses representing Postgraduate (both taught and research) students at all levels within University and improving their student experience, particularly, in regards to well-being and academic affairs. You can find out more about his work here