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Your Course and Faculty Reps are there to represent your academic interests and to bring up issues that have an effect on your academic studies to the University. They do this through gathering your opinions on your course, and attending School and Faculty level Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs). They are also members of the Education Network, the network that exists to improve all students' educational experience at Bristol. 

How do I contact my reps?

There are multiple ways you can contact your reps. You can email them, talk to them in person, contact them on social media, use the discussion boards on your course rep Blackboard space. If you're struggling to get in contact with them, then you can contact the Representation Team at Your reps should also be seeking out your opinions so that they can take them to the university. Make sure you let them know if you're having issues - problems can't be solved if no one knows they exist!

Who are my reps?

There are just over 700 academic reps over all the 26 different schools at the University. You can see who your course reps are here, and who your faculty reps are here: 

+ Faculty Reps

Undergraduate Faculty Reps

Faculty of Arts - Michael Natzler
Faculty of Engineering - Dario Quintero Dominguez
Faculty of Health Sciences - Anthony Charalambous
Faculty of Life Sciences - Anders Morris
Faculty of Science - Sally Emerson
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law - Julio Mkok

Postgraduate Taught Faculty Reps

Faculty of Arts - Medha Chakraborty
Faculty of Life Sciences - Graham Draper
Faculty of Engineering - Samia Mohinta
Faculty of Health Sciences - Duaa Alim
Faculty of Science - Position not currently filled
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law - Wenxin Guo

Postgraduate Research Faculty Reps

Faculty of Arts - William Hamilton
Faculty of Engineering - Joshua Mudie
Faculty of Life Sciences - Edmund Moody
Faculty of Health Sciences - Jessica Naylor
Faculty of Science - Chris Brasnett
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law - Jafia Naftali Camara


How do I get involved?

We hold elections for course reps at two points during the academic year, October and March. All year 2+ undergraduate course reps and all UG and PGR reps are elected in March, and all the first year UG and PGT reps get elected in October. You'll be hearing a lot from us when election time comes around! 

Even if you aren't a course rep, however, you can still be part of the conversation! We have an Education Network that  improve all students' academic experience at Bristol. It is open to all students at the University, and will be running events and campaigns throughout the year. You can keep up to date with them on their Facebook page

It's also really important that you make sure your course and faculty reps are aware of any of the issues you have with your course so that they can bring these problems to the university. They are elected to represent you - so make sure they are doing that!