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Infographic titled: "You're part of a Network of Leaders". Underneath there are four columns, each is a different colour. The first column is titled "Student Body", underneath this heading it says "Students will raise their concerns with you, their course rep". In the second column it says "Course Reps", underneath this it says "You will attend SSLCs to represent the views of your peers". The third column is titled "Faculty Reps", underneath this it says "Faculty reps chair the Faculty SSLCs and work closely with Elected Officers". The Fourth column is titled "Education Officers", underneath this it says "Elected officers represent students at senior University Committees".

Student Representatives are the vital bridge between the student body and the University. As a rep you are able to bring through changes that will benefit students’ academic experience!

Reward and Recognition – What’s in it for you?

Aside from the enormous sense of satisfaction and improving your course for the better, we want to make sure that you make the most of the experience you have gained as a rep in your life after uni, and your future careers.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Any reps that attend both an Education Network event and an SU Democratic event (such as AMM or Student Council) are eligible for a LinkedIn recommendation from us. 

We can also write you a reference for job applications - just get in contact with us.

Bristol PLUS Award

The Bristol PLUS Award challenges you to develop a range of skills to boost your CV, and you are able to use your experience as a rep as part of the 'intensive skills activity' criteria. Find out more about the Bristol PLUS Award on the University website.


At our conferences we always have some freebies to give away. Make you come along to get trained and to pick up your free stuff!


Rep FAQs

Who can I ask for help?

Bristol SU have a team dedicated to making sure that course reps have the support they need. The Representation Team is made up of Lizzie Tillley and Stella Becci. They can be contacted at

They can help with any of the problems that you may have as an academic rep!

Is there any training available?

We have a whole range of training sessions. Sign up to one of our Development Team's training sessions. 

I'm a course rep – who is my faculty rep?

Please check our list of faculty reps.

How do I communicate with my fellow reps?

We find the best way to communicate with reps is face-to-face or on social media. It's worth getting to know your reps early on in the year so that you can support each other through the SSLCs and share good practice.



Here is the Code of Practice for Taught Students
Here is the Code of Practice for Research Students


+ Resources for Faculty Reps

Last year we asked the outgoing faculty reps to give us some advice for the new incoming reps. Here's a summary of what they said!:

For UG faculty reps
For PGR faculty reps

Events and Training Coming Up