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Academic Representatives Training

As a student rep you are responsible for passing on the opinions and ideas that your students have to the University. Our job is to help you to do this! The skills you can develop through representing students alongside completing your academic studies are ones that you can transfer to your career and future life. 

Basic Training

Repping 101

This compulsory online training covers all the basics of the role, and is a great introduction to getting you to think about your position. It takes around 30 minutes and is best viewed on a desktop or laptop screen. Click here to start the training.

This is stuff that isn’t necessary for your role – however it includes some really interesting and important information. 

+ Liberate Your Curriculum Training

+Using Research as a Rep

Our Research and Evaluation Coordinator has written training on how to use research (such as the NSS, YBS, and the Bristol SU research) effectively in your campaigning.

Click here for the training.

All those who complete the training will be eligible for an endorsement for Research on LinkedIn.

Our Development Team also run a number of workshops, and have a range on online training that you are able to use. Find out more here. You can find a calendar of their sessions here