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What is a JCR?

A Junior Common Room (JCR) is a student committee elected in undergradaute halls of residence every year. They represent the voice and interests of students who live in the halls. They also help coordinate social activities and events. Most committees meet around once or twice a fortnight.

At the start of the year residents pay a £50 JCR fee, which the committee uses to fund activities and socials. This means you can have your say about what you would like to happen in your halls.

The bigger picture

The JCR is part of a wider group of student representatives. Together they influence the direction and aims of Bristol SU. To help them be as effective as possible, the JCRs are supported by the Full-time Officer team.

The Student Living Officer works full-time to improve key areas of student life. These include housing and accommodation, student wellbeing, mental health, and sustainability. The Student Living Officer can help JCRs by raising issues at the University level and by making sure students' voices are heard.


Who is in the JCR?

Each JCR will have a slightly different set of roles and positions.  
Here are some of the different positions.


How can I be involved with my JCR?

Elections for JCRs happen each October. To take part, nominate yourself, write a statement of intentions, and encourage your peers to vote!

What will I get up to?

Collecting feedback

  • You'll collect feedback so that you can improve students' experiences in your hall.
    You might do this by speaking to students, using social media, or setting up a suggestions box in your hall.

Holding meetings

  • It's important to hold regular committee meetings to discuss the activity and wellbeing of the residence.

Producing a diverse social calendar

  • A diverse range of students move into halls and it is your role to consider these groups in the decisions you make. You have a responsibility to ensure every student is catered for and represented in the events you organise.

  • This includes: End-of-term events such as a formal, and Welcome Week (one of the biggest events you’ll organise!).

Recording finances

  • You are responsible for the expenditure and book-keeping of the JCR fund. The fund comes from money paid by students at the beginning of the year. You will get lots of support and training from staff and the SU on how to spend the JCR fund.

Democracy and representation

  • JCR members can attend and vote at Student Council and the Annual Members Meeting.

  • JCR members communicate with their Residential Life team and Officers at Bristol SU about key issues and events.

Attend JCR Training / Socials

  • The SU holds training and socials throughout the year for representatives. There is often free food!

How can the Students’ Union help me?

Your Student Living Officer, George, is always on hand to help. You can email him ( or the Residential Experience Coordinators ( for support.

You can also contact your Senior Residents, RLAs, Heads and Deputy Heads of Residential Life and our advice service: Just Ask.