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Sustainability Month at Bristol SU

The Climate Emergency is the single biggest issue facing our generation.

Throughout February we’re celebrating Sustainability Month with a series of exciting campaigns, online events and talks. We'll be exploring ways of increasing plant presence across campus, reducing the university’s carbon footprint, and raising awareness of the climate emergency. This year Sustainability Month will culminate in Bristol SU’s first Climate Emergency Day of Action on 26 February. Find out more about how to get involved by following the links below.

It’s not too late to start caring about our planet.


The motion to change the university’s default search engine to Ecosia was brought to the 2019 Bristol SU Annual Members Meeting by Veterinary students Elspeth Taylor and Hannah Rose. 

Ecosia uses their profits to plant trees. For approximately every 45 searches carried out on Ecosia a tree is planted in one of their partner projects around the world. This not only helps the planet but has huge social benefit for those living and working communities on the plantations.  

The university is now installing Ecosia on all shared access University computers. You can help us plant as many trees as possible by installing Ecosia on your personal devices.

Over 110 million trees have already been planted – how many can we plant together?  Campus roll-out will begin from 3rd February.