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Start a new group

Start Something New

I want to start a club or society, what should I do?

All you need is an idea and 30 people willing to join your group. Just follow the steps below:

1) Research the currently affiliated groups, checking that they aren't already covering your proposed aims and activities. Contact similar groups to explain your idea and ask if they are OK with it, and let us know if this is the case in your application.

2) Read the Bristol SU Code of Conduct and Byelaws to help you understand what is expected when running a student group.

3) Complete the Affiliation Application Form below - your answers will be used to create your group's constitution and to help the Affiliation Committee decide whether to affiliate your group.

The main reasons groups are rejected are a lack of originality (duplicating the aims and activities of another group) and a lack of sustainability (not well thought out or unlikely to have a long term future) so think carefully about these when completing the form!

4) Gather 30 supporters! Once we've checked through your application, your group will appear at the bottom of this page. If 30 people express their support for your group before the application deadline, your group will be considered in the next affiliation round.

5) Attend New Groups Guidance Training (you will be contacted to confirm this).

If you have any questions about the affiliation process, please contact the Development Team (

The Affiliation Committee consists of the Societies Network Chair, Sports Network Chair, Union Affairs Officer, Sport and Student Development Officer and Student Opportunities Manager (Groups & Services) and is supported by Bristol SU staff.


Round 1

Application Deadline: Thursday 17th October

Decision expected by: Wednesday 23rd October

New Groups Guidance Training (compulsory): Wednesday 30th October 2pm - 4pm

Round 2

Application Deadline: Thursday 6th February

Decision expected by: Wednesday 12th February

New Groups Guidance Training (compulsory): Wednesday 19th February 2pm - 4pm

Round 3

Application Deadline: Thursday 12th March

Decision expected by: Wednesday 18th March

New Groups Guidance Training (compulsory): Wednesday 25th March 2pm - 4pm

Affiliation Application Form

Affiliation applications are currently closed and will reopen over the summer.

Proposed Groups

Check out proposed groups below and express your support by clicking the link to the supporters form. Proposed groups need 30 supporters before they are considered for affiliation by the Affiliation Committee. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

+ I want to start a volunteering project, what should I do?

You can set up a new project at any time of the year. Follow these simple steps to start your volunteering project:

  • Find out if similar local charities and student-led projects exist. This will help you figure out what’s unique about your idea.
  • Talk to the people you’re looking to support and find out what they might need from your project.
  • Submit your application below using a strategic plan to develop your goals, activities, resources, and impact & risk plans.
  • We’ll contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your idea in more detail.
  • Once your project is approved by Bristol SU Student Opportunities team, attend our New Groups Guidance training (you will be contacted to confirm this).
  • Read the Bristol SU Code of Conduct to help you understand what is expected when running a student group.

Bristol SU can help you lift your project off the ground with:

  • Funding
  • Promotion and visibility
  • Regular advice and training
  • Free DBS checks
  • An official bank account (helpful for securing donors)
  • An official Bristol SU webpage
  • Useful contacts at University and in Bristol
  • Risk management

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please drop us a line at