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Give it a Go!

We’re starting to think about what Give it a Go! will look like for student groups next academic year with the hope groups will be able to put on in-person taster events whilst keeping the things that worked for them online.

On this page you will find all the information you need to host a cracking taster event and get your group off to the best possible start for 2021/22

What is Give it a Go!?

If you haven’t heard of it before, Give it a Go! provides a fun and friendly way for new students to get involved with Clubs, Societies, Volunteering Projects and Networks, allowing them to ‘road test’ groups before committing to membership. 

From a Student Group perspective it’s a huge chance to sell your group to potential new members – something vitally important to all groups following the COVID pandemic – and get your events promoted to a wider audience.

When is it?

Give it a Go! will take place over 4 weeks from the start of Welcome.

Monday 20th September – Sunday 17th October

How do groups take part?

Once you have a clear idea of when your session (or sessions) will take place and have arranged any space bookings needed or sorted any tech for virtual sessions you should complete this Website Upload Form

This will get your event listed on the Bristol SU What’s On Pages and provide a place for attendees to sign up.

Events uploaded early (before the 27th August) will also be listed on our Welcome Portal. This is absolutely worth doing, with thousands of new students accessing the portal daily!
We will need to know: 

  • Name of Session 
  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Location (physical or URL) 
  • Cost 

We’ll confirm with you once your session is live and provide details on how to access attendees. 

This form will go live 12th August 2021


What will Bristol SU do?

To give you the best chance of attracting and recruiting new members to your group we will do the following:

  • Promote Give it a Go! widely to new and returning students in the run-up to and throughout Welcome Week 
  • Upload your sessions to our What’s On pages/ Welcome Portal, providing a place for attendees to sign up and a place for you to manage them
  • Cover the programme of events on our social media output
  • Provide you with branding assets you can personalise to help promote your event

Specific Information for Sports Clubs

Give it a Go! Sport Sessions

  • Sports clubs seeking to use Sport Exercise and Health facilities (the sports centre, the swimming pool, Coombe Dingle) for GIAG sessions will utilise their existing facility allocation, agreed with SEH already.  
  • Existing SEH facility allocation should be used though additional space is bookable if required via seh- 
  • You will be able to inform SEH of the specific dates and times for your GIAG session through the Website Upload Form with all other GIAG details
  • SEH will approve your proposed sessions based on this information.  Please see the additional pointers from SEH you may wish to add to your Risk Assessments. Anything not confirmed through this process will not be able to go ahead.
  • Bristol SU will share details of your session registrations with SEH to enable accurate attendance tracking.

Pre-Season, Friendlies, Trials and Player Assessment

  • SEH have circulated information separately for these elements of sports club activity.  For further information please contact


Space Bookings

For updates and full details on space bookings please visit our Bookings Page

  • In the Richmond Building
    • The regular room bookings allocation form has recently been sent to group leaders and can be accessed via the Bristol SU Portal
    • Where possible use your allocated timeslot to host your GIAG session
    • Ad-hoc room bookings will be opened once we are given the go-ahead by the University
  • In halls of residence
    • Some spaces do exist in halls, and groups have used these to good effect in the past
    • Unfortunately there is no one system for booking these spaces so our best advice would be to contact individual accommodation teams
  • In the Bristol SU Living Room / The Loft
    • Booking system tbc
  • In the Balloon Bar / Beckford At an SEH venue 
    • Booking system tbc
  • At SEH venues
    • Sports clubs will use their existing facility allocation, agreed with Sport, Exercise and Health for the year.  
    • Should additional space be required, you are able to book these as you would at any point in the year by emailing
    • Additional risk assessment information will be required and you will be able to submit this as part of the Website Upload Form
    • You are able to use the Bristol SU Risk Assessments you uploaded for reaffiliation but do bear in mind these additional pointers from SEH
    • If you have any queries please contact:



Following feedback from last year, we’re offering groups a chance to individualise their listing logos and banners. These will need to be sent along with your other information on the Website Upload Form (You don’t have to do this, we can use a generic image should you prefer, it just looks 100% nicer if you do)
You will need to sign up for a free Canva account if you do not have one already, then follow the links below (tbc by August 12th) You’ll then need to download a JPEG or PNG file to upload to the form. 

  • Event Logo for UnionCloud  
  • Banner for Welcome Portal (if uploaded before 27th August) 
  • Facebook Event Cover (this one is just for you to use on your socials) 


Listing your sessions early will mean more promotion and a higher number of attendees.

We’ll be keeping the form open into October, so if you suddenly plan a last-minute session we should still be able to list it on the Bristol SU What’s On Pages.  
For those who want to be listed on the Welcome Portal we will need your details by 27th August 



Can we charge for our GIAG session?

We would generally advise GIAG sessions are kept free to attended as this will attract the most attendees. 

If, however, your session includes an additional cost to the group (eg van hire, a particular piece of safety equipment needed) then you could attach a small cost as long as this was transparent to attendees.

How can we best promote our session?

Whilst Bristol SU does promote the wider GIAG program to new and returning students, you do have responsibility for promoting your own sessions.

Think about:

Your Bristol SU webpage

  • Is it up-to-date and does it link to your GIAG session?

Your social media 

  • Have you created a Facebook event? 
  • Have you promoted on your other channels? 
  • Could you run a countdown to the event or sneak-peaks of what might be happening?

Bristol SU Networks

  • Is there a particular Network you align with?
  • Could they help promote the event to their members?

Your brand

  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it all tie together to become recognisable?

Your current members

  • Are they selling the sessions for you? 
  • Are they sharing and promoting via their own channels

Your school or course

  • Academic Societies – are your school / course promoting your sessions to incoming students? If not, why not?

I don't know what to run as a session!

Think about why a new or returning student may want to join your group. Students are generally looking for one of 3 things when they join a group:


  • They want to improve their skills in a certain area
  • They want to learn more about a subject


  • They want to combat loneliness
  • They want to find a connection and a community
  • They want to have fun


  • They want to challenge their ideals and ideas
  • They want to make a difference
  • They want their voice to be heard

It may be they join your group looking for one of these things, or a combination of all three.

How can your tasters reflect this? How can you show off your group at it’s best? Take a look at our list below or, if you’re running a virtual event, have a look at the 101 Online Event Ideas.