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Why are we asking you to pledge to be a trans ally on campus?

The challenges and barriers that our trans community face are numerous, and it is crucial for us, as allies, to support them in any way we can, using our positions of power and influence to improve their experiences. That's why we're asking you to pledge to educate yourselves and others to become allies for the trans community in Bristol.

What can you do?

There are a few things you can do to be a great trans ally, and we've put some of them together to give you a helping hand:

Pledge to be an ally

Use the form at the bottom of this page to pledge to be a trans ally and we'll get in touch with everything you need to start supporting trans students on campus

Observe our five tips for being a trans ally

1. Educate yourself

There are lots of myths about trans people. Take time to research their experiences for yourself and look at your own assumptions. Stonewall have a great FAQ called Truth About Trans. It’s ok to ask trans people questions if they seem happy to answer; just don’t force the issue if they seem uncomfortable, and don’t expect them to speak on behalf of all trans people. If you say the wrong thing by accident, acknowledge it, apologise and learn from it.

2. Listen

Ask your trans friends how they are doing and listen. Every trans person’s lived experiences will be completely different to your own, so their perspectives may teach you something.

3. Be visible

Trans people can feel unsafe in public, so it’s powerful to see people around them who they know support them. Grab one of our “Trans Ally” pin badges, or add one to your email signature. You can sign up for yours by pledging below. Also pop your pronouns in your emails. When people ask about them, use that opportunity to talk about the importance of standing up for trans rights on campus.

4. Challenge others

If you hear people making negative comments about trans people, try to speak to them about their misconceptions. Tell them why what they are saying is wrong. If you see someone being abusive towards a trans person and you are safe to do so, keep calm, challenge them and report this to relevant authorities.

5. Be intersectional

Remember that people have lots of different elements to their identities and may suffer multiple levels of discrimination – for example someone might be trans and black, or non-binary and disabled. Being an ally is about listening to and learning from other people’s experiences and showing you support them.


Pledge to be an ally

Use the form below to pledge to be a trans ally and we'll get in touch with everything you need to start supporting trans students on campus

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