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Volunteer as a tutor with Jacari Bristol!

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What does the role invole?

As a volunteer tutor with Jacari Bristol, you will be matched with a pupil who speaks English as an additional language and who is struggling at school. After attending our training session, you will spend an hour a week helping your pupil in the areas in which they are struggling. This might mean reading with them, helping them with their homework, playing games with them, or just having a chat and helping to build their confidence. 

As well as your weekly tutoring, you'll also have the opportunity to come on our fun trips, to places like Bristol Zoo, giving you and your tutee the opportunity to get to know each other and practise speaking English in a relaxed, informal enviroment.

Where and when?

Lessons usually take place in the child's home, which gives our volunteers the unique opportunity to get to know the pupil's family and build a lasting relationship with them. It also means that lessons can happen on a day and at a time that suits both you and the pupil's family, meaning it's really flexible. However, sometimes lessons happen in the child's school on set days: these tend to be on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30. Tutoring in school has the advantage that you're working with a team of other tutors, so can join forces and share ideas and activities, making it a fun, sociable thing to do!

Who should sign up?

We provide training and a DBS check for all our volunteer tutors, so you don't need any teaching experience or particular skills. All you need is enthusiasm, the desire to make a difference to a child's life, a little patience and creativity, plus be able to commit to teach once a week during term time for at least a year.

We also ask that you have a proficient level of English (IELTS 7.5 or higher), so if English isn't your first language, please get in touch to check if we think it's a suitable role for you.

What next? 

If you like the sound of this, please go to our website - - and complete our online application form. We'll then send you more details about our upcoming training sessions.

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Required Role

Volunteer as a tutor with Jacari Bristol!

Key responsibilities

- Tutoring a child in their home or school for one hour a week - Attending extracurricular trips

Desirable Skills

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal
  • Listening
  • Mentoring and counselling
  • Non-judgemental
  • Teaching and training
  • Time Management
  • Self Management

Skill to gain

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Initiative
  • Interpersonal
  • Listening
  • Mentoring and counselling
  • Problem solving
  • Teaching and training
  • Time Management
  • Self Management

When can you do this role/Calendar

Minimum commitment level: Once a week

Start Date: 09-02-2020

  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
  4. Wednesday
  5. Thursday
  6. Friday
  7. Saturday
  8. Sunday
  2. MORNING monday
  3. MORNING tuesday
  4. MORNING wednesday
  5. MORNING thursday
  6. MORNING friday
  7. MORNING saturday
  8. MORNING sunday
  2. AFTERNOON monday
  3. AFTERNOON tuesday
  4. AFTERNOON wednesday
  5. AFTERNOON thursday
  6. AFTERNOON friday
  7. AFTERNOON saturday
  8. AFTERNOON sunday
  2. EVENING monday
  3. EVENING tuesday
  4. EVENING wednesday
  5. EVENING thursday
  6. EVENING friday
  7. EVENING saturday
  8. EVENING sunday


Queen Ann Rd, Bristol BS5 9TX, UK

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