Meet your officers!

Your six full time officers are elected by the student body every March and are paid to lead Bristol SU for a year. They represent students and help improve the student experience at Bristol. They also work with eight part-time officers who have specific responsibilities.

Download Our Big Plan - the Bristol SU Elected Officers' priorities for 2015/16 (pdf)

UBU Officers 2014
Jamie Cross

Jamie Cross

Equality, Liberation and Access Officer

Email Jamie | Phone: 0117 331865


  • Equality/Liberation
  • Widening Participation to all university groups
  • Increasing access to University initiatives

Student Groups:

  • Cultural groups
  • Faith groups
  • Liberation groups
  • Part-Time Officers

My job is to promote equality and accessibility throughout the university, and to make all students feel liberated during their time here.

I want to work with the university to design a fair plan in response to the foreseen Disabled Students Allowance cuts. I plan to give more support and welfare to students who identify into liberation groups, and help all student groups to be safer, more open and more aware of equality and diversity.

During the academic year I'll be driving our 'Reclaim the Night' march, running a Liberation Festival, and new consent workshops in the first week of term.

I studied Maths at Bristol and was president of the award-winning LGBT+ Society. I was also involved in the Cricket club and the knitting society!

Max Austin

Max Austin

Undergraduate Education Officer

Email Max | Phone: 0117 3318535


  • Undergraduate academic matters (quality, exams, feedback etc.)
  • Acting as the point of contact between the SU and academic societies
  • Looking after Undergraduate Course Reps
  • Representing undergraduate students’ views to the University

Student Groups:

  • Academic societies
  • UG Senate Reps
  • UG Course Reps

I’m here to ensure that all undergraduate students have the best possible academic experience while they are at Bristol.

One of my big focuses for this year is to work on assessment feedback, for example setting up a system for all students to gain access to their exam scripts. I'm also hoping to further develop the Best of Bristol Lecture series by introducing faculty based guest lecturers.

I have just graduated from The University of Bristol with a BA in History and have served firstly as a History course rep and then as the Faculty Rep for Arts.

Sorana Vieru

Laura Ho

Postgraduate Education Officer

Email Laura | Phone: 0117 331 8535


  • Academic affairs (quality, exams, feedback etc.
  • Postgrad engagement and community
  • Representation and university strategy
  • Academic welfare
  • Social opportunities

Student Groups:

  • Postgraduate Network
  • PG Senate Reps
  • PG Course Reps and Faculty Reps

I’m here to ensure the educational experience of all postgraduate students (taught and research) is the best it can be. I’m responsible for postgraduate academic and welfare matters (any concerns about supervision, tutoring, teaching, research environments and your wellbeing while studying).

This year I am particularly interested in campaigning for better provisions for part time students and enabling postgrads to foster communities of belonging.

I graduated from Bristol in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Economics. I was involved in the Feminist Society, Oxfam Society, Amnesty International and Bristol Left. I am now half way through a part time Masters in Public Policy.

Sarah Redrup

Sarah Redrup

Student Living Officer

Email Sarah | Phone: 0117 331 8535


  • Housing and accommodation
  • Student wellbeing and mental health
  • Sustainability
  • Part time employment

Student Groups:

  • JCRs

This year I plan to run a 'don't rent yet' roadshow to raise awareness of tenants’ rights, what students should expect from their new house and where to get support at the university and the student union. I also want to create new student led mental health support groups. I will be creating guides for staff that focus on mental health, sexual assault survivors, sex workers and international students.

I will also work with Balloon Bikes and Get Green to create and promote cycling activities across the year including cycle maintenance classes, cycle tours and rides and city cycling training.

I studied Philosophy and Politics. I also worked three part time jobs while at university as well as establishing and becoming president of the Liberal Democrat Students Society. When I arrived at Bristol I had just been diagnosed with depression and generalised anxiety disorder after experiencing sexual assault. Although significantly challenging obstacles, these have motivated me to work to better support others at Bristol University.

Steph Harris

Steph Harris

Sport and Student Development Officer

Email Steph | Phone: 0117 331 8771


  • Promoting sport, exercise and health
  • Increasing participation at all levels of University sport
  • Helping elite sports clubs and teams achieve their goals
  • Driving student development through Bristol SU

Student Groups:

  • Sports Executive
  • Sports Clubs
  • Student Leaders

My role is to help sports clubs and students develop throughout their time at university.

I want to give sports clubs as much support as possible to achieve their performance goals, and to help each widen their participation through Bristol SU initiatives like Get Active and Varsity. I plan to make university sport more accessible to students by helping to reduce the cost of taking part and removing any barriers to participation as well as promoting what's going on.

I hope to increase student access to relevant career development tools, and to empower those students who run societies and sports clubs to bring about change and give more development opportunities to their members.

I've been at Bristol for eight years and have just completed a PhD in Chemical Physics. I've been a member of the Boat Club for four years and Club Captain for the last two.

Tom Phipps

Tom Phipps

Union Affairs Officer

Email Tom | Phone: 0117 331 8650


  • Lead on democracy within Bristol SU and in the wider city
  • Liaise with student groups to ensure they get the support they need
  • Improving communications within the SU and at the university
  • work to improve the quality and accessibility of SU services, facilities and activities

Student Groups:

  • Societies
  • Media products
  • Fundraising groups
  • Volunteering

My role is to make sure that student activities (societies, student media, democracy, campaigns, volunteers and RAG) get the support and representation they need. I want to make sure that all of our students' initiatives are in as strong a position as possible to represent and support our student body.

I studied Politics at Bristol and played intramural football for my residence, University Hall. I played Korfball for the University and was Co-Chair of the Labour Students group. I spent last year as Bristol SU's Student Living officer and recently published a comprehensive report on housing standards in Bristol's private letting sector.