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Committee Fest is Bristol SU's annual training event for incoming committee members. Our sessions will help you develop as a leader and provide excellent experiences to your members throughout the year. This year our training will take place virtually and will be open to all committee members no matter your role. 

Can't make it?

We'll be hosting lots more sessions at the start of term and throughout TB1. We'll also be uploading session recordings where appropriate and hosting them on this page, so check back after the event!

Bespoke Treasurer Support

Feedback from outgoing Treasurers has highlighted that one-to-one support alongside the mandatory incoming treasurer training is much more effective than large training sessions. This is why you won't find any Treasurer specific training in the timetable above, if you would like support understanding financial processes or developing a budget please email to book a session with one of the team.

Timetable for 2021

Session Recordings

Text Version of Timetable for 2021


Monday 14th June 

  • 11am - Managing a Committee 
  • 11am - Budgeting  
  • 1pm - Effective Admin: The role of the secretary 
  • 1pm - A Day in the Life – Equality Officer 
  • 3pm - Sport Networking 
  • 3pm - Event Planning 


Tuesday 15 June

  • 11am - Taking the Lead 
  • 11am - Smashing your Social Media 
  • 1pm – Preparing to Bounce Back 
  • 1pm – Grant Writing 
  • 3pm – Volunteering Networking 
  • 3pm – Increasing Participation and Membership 


Wednesday 16 June

  • 11am – Developing a Strategic Plan 
  • 11am – A Day in the Life – Treasurer 
  • 1pm – A Day in the Life – Secretary 
  • 1pm – Mental Health Awareness 
  • 3pm – Academic Networking
  • 3pm – Managing Conflict


Thursday 17 June

  • 11am – Branding Your Group 
  • 11am – Developing an Inclusive Offer 
  • 1pm – Cultural Networking 
  • 1pm – Running Effective Campaigns 
  • 3pm – Interest and Skills Networking 
  • 3pm – Running Successful Social Events 


Friday 18 June

  • 11am – Sponsorship 
  • 11am – A Day in the Life – President, Club Captain, Coordinator 
  • 1pm – Performing Arts Networking 
  • 1pm – Organising Tips 
  • 3pm – Cause and Campaign Networking 
  • 3pm – Balloon Accreditation