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How do I get involved?

Can I still register? How do I get the unique code for the team I want to join?

Yes, player registrations are still open (although for most sports we are no longer accepting new team registrations). You can play for your halls of residence, a society, with a group of friends, or join a team looking for players.

If you are joining a society team, speak to the person who registered the team (normally the sports rep). If you are joining a halls team, all of the codes are further down this page. 

When does it all start?

Leagues commence in October, with some leagues having an intro week for players to meet the organisers, and participate in friendlies. Full info below:

  Intro week Season start
Badminton   12th Oct
Basketball   12th Oct
Football (11-a-side)   16th Oct
Football (6-a-side ) 13th Oct 20th Oct
Hockey 13th Oct 20th Oct
Netball   20th Oct
Rocket League (online gaming)   24th Oct
Rugby 13th Oct Late October
Volleyball   19th Oct

Sign up for a team here

If you already have a team and you're trying to pay for your annual membership and sign up for a team: Register and pay here.

Press 'book now', select your sport, next (bottom of page) and enter your team's unique code. If you don't know your team's unique code, please get in touch with your team organiser/society committee or as a last recourse, email us.

NOTE - we have taken tennis sales offline because the league has reached max capacity. 

Sign up for a halls team 

  • Find your residence in the table/list below (if on moble, click your residence on view codes for all sports)
  • Make a note of the code for your chosen sport (for some sports, halls are grouped together and share the same code)
  • Click here to select your membership
  • Follow the registration steps and enter your hall's unique code

Don't yet have a team?

You can browse for teams advertising for new players below. Don't worry if you don't know anyone in that team, the captain will make sure you feel right at home! Once you're ready to sign up, make a note of the unique code for the team you want to join, and select your membership here.


Register a team for 2019/20 HERE.

The only Intramural competition accepting new team registrations is Rocket league (online gaming). Players can still join exisiting teams in all sports.

Fill in the form below to register a team (players signing up for a team, keep scrolling).

Note -- registering a team is just the first step. Next, your players will have to sign up and pay via a link and Unique Team Code (this will be emailed to you). 

Your team won't be confirmed until a minimum number of players do this and teams will be accepted first come, first serve on this basis.

UPDATE: we have taken down team applications for all sports other than Rocket League.

If you were expecting to submit a team for other sports, pease email us via: - although we can't garuntee there will be spaces available. 



What is Intramural?

Intramural is a sports tournament that's all about playing, making friends and having fun. Play weekly games in a tournament against other UoB teams. Whilst there is a winner, the on pitch experience and having fun are more important!

Intramural is fun, social sport.

Why join?

Make friends and do the sports you love without the pressure to perform or train regularly!

Be part of a team with people from your halls, society or a group of friends. No one to play with? We’ll find you a team.

Take part a range of sports from football (11 or 6 a side), hockey, badminton, basketball, netball, volleyball, tennis rounders and cricket. Sports are mixed gender, and mixed ability.

Get great value for money knowing all fees are reinvested back into the programme.

Get in touch

Have any questions? Email: or phone: 0117 331 8600