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What is Intramural?

Intramural lets you and your friends play weekly matches against other UoB teams inside a big tournament. It's fun, social and semi-competitive. Whilst there is a winner, it's more about getting together with your mates and being active.

Why join?

Low Cost - Games typically cost well below £2 per person - the programme is run cost neutral and the savings are passed on to you.
Staying Active - If club sport at uni didn't appeal to you, if you didn't make trials, or if the gym bores you, intramural would be perfect.
Belong to a community - meet and make new friends, and belong to a community with a common interest.
Mental Health - looking after your body helps looks after your mind. Exercising regularly and socialising with intramural can boost your well-being.

How to get involved:

There are 3 ways to play: through your halls (ask your JCR) through your society (ask your committee) or with your mates in a private group. 
Check the individual sports below for more details, and apply below:

Applications for TB2 open on the 5th of December:

Individuals without a team apply HERE (anytime)

Teams apply HERE (after 12pm 5th Dec) 

New sports - We are adding: men's rugby 7's, Women's football, mixed Cricket, volleyball, rounders - more information on the website soon.

Teams from TB1 reapplying, you have been emailed seperately. Please don't fill in an application.

If you have any questions get in touch with us at